Crack Repair

Cracks in your mortar, and through masonry units such as brick, need repair when they are spotted!

Brick Maverick will grind out each crack, and remove any broken brick that the crack travels through. We do not cut through broken brick, because it causes the courses to run off bond. To correctly repair a crack, the mortar must be removed, the area cleaned out, and then new Custom Matched Mortar installed in the joint. 

replace damaged masonry

Whether a vehicle went through your wall, or a leaning wall has finally collapsed, Brick Maverick can fix it!

If leaning walls are not addressed in a timely fashion, eventually they fall. On the same token, they may still be erect, but passed the point of repair and will need to be replaced. Brick Maverick brings our proprietary Custom Mortar Match system to these repairs, to insure that the replaced masonry units are virtually undetectable once the project is complete!

lentil repair

Sagging lentils above garage doors, entrances, or windows are a scary sight!

Often times when you are getting major cracks above a window, entrance door, or garage door, it is due to a failed lentil. This happens for a multitude of reasons, but the way to repair them is always the same! Brick Maverick will remove your existing lentil and install a new thicker lentil to insure there is no future movement. So, if you start seeing the “smiley face effect” above your garage, call Brick Maverick to get it addressed immediately!