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Frequently Asked Questions

Brick Maverick offers three types of warranties. Full Five Year Transferable Warranty, Lifetime Mortar Match Warranty, and Extended Warranty.

Brick Maverick’s Five Year Transferable Warranty applies to all projects, unless otherwise specified, and covers all workmanship. This means if a crack repaired, or bricks replaced, fail within Five Years of the repair we come out and fix it for free! The Extended Warranty is an extension of the Five Year Transferable Warranty which will lengthen the warranty to 10 years. This is offered, but at an additional cost. Lifetime Mortar Match Warranty applies to all repairs in which mortar is replaced. Brick Maverick guarantees our mortar to match the existing to leave the repaired area virtually undetectable. Should the mortar fade out at any point through the lifetime of the repair Brick Maverick will replace all mismatched mortar for free, no questions asked.

 Brick Maverick will occasionally request that the customer receive a foundation evaluation prior to warranty work being executed. This is on a case by case basis. 

Brick Maverick not only holds a minimum of a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy, but we also carry workers compensation for all employees. This insures our customers are protected from any on job mistakes, such as ladders falling through windows, failing arches, or lentils. It also insures all of our employees are covered in the event of an accident.

To request a copy of Brick Maverick’s insurance policy please call our office, or use our Contact Us page and send us an email.

It is no secret that cracks are ugly, but they can cause more in depth problems in the future. Most homeowners think cracks in their mortar are no big deal. Those cracks are not supposed to be there! One situation that can be explained is moisture getting in the wall in areas it is not supposed to be. While weep holes in the bottom of the wall are effective, they are not designed to allow large amounts of water to pass through. When the water travels through the crack, it creates moisture on the backer material and can potentially cause mold buildup. 

Theres a running joke about masonry repair and foundation repair in Texas, “You’ve either had foundation repair, or you will have foundation repair in Texas”. With that being said, not all cracks are caused by foundation problems. Settling and shifting in our clay soils is just part of life, if the original mortar installed was too hard it will crack easily. One way to help prevent foundation movement is to install a soaker hose off of the foundation and set it on a timer, this keeps a constant moister level in the soil directly surrounding your foundation. 

No! Brick Maverick employees are just that, employees! We do not use Home Depot workers, or run of the mill contractors to preform our work. All of our Team Members are trained multiple times a year to freshen up on our skills. This way we know who is showing up to our customers homes every day, and we know our work is top notch with as little warranty calls as possible. We will not put our name on anything that we do not stand behind!