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A Few Words About Us

Brick Maverick has been delivering results since we opened in 1997. Our goal is to provide both superior customer service and outstanding workmanship in the brick repair industry.

Brick Maverick has over 20 years of experience in Brick Repair and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what areas we could improve in.

With Brick Maverick not only do our customers receive top of the line Brick Repair service, but all workmanship is backed by our “Full Five Year Transferable Warranty”! With every Brick Repair, Chimney Repair, Arch repair, and any other Masonry Repair project our customers are protected against any re-cracking or imperfections of the job.

In addition, Brick Maverick provides a Lifetime Warranty on our Maverick Match System! The Maverick Match System is a proprietary system in which we use to provide our customers with a perfect mortar match every time, guaranteed! There is nothing worse than paying a Brick Repair company to fix your masonry issues and being able to see the repaired areas. We at Brick Maverick believe the perfect Brick Repair job is one that can not be spotted. For this reason, Brick Maverick provides our Lifetime Warranty on matching our mortar color with the existing mortar color.

Do not be fooled with fly by night companies that give empty promises.

We provide services in Texas and nearby areas such as Dallas, Allen, Frisco, Plano

Tips for choosing a Brick Repair company would be:

Lifetime warranties on workmanship; often times fly by night companies will promise a lifetime warranty on the work provided, but will no longer be in business by the time issues are reported. More times than not these companies are not well established and start their “business” when busy season begins. Be cautious of these “companies”. Always do your research and don’t be lured in to paying for subpar work.

Written Estimates; A reputable company will be able to provide their customers with written estimates. Agreeing on prices, or services verbally can result in failure to appear on the project start date.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are a great foundation to considering which contractor to hire. While not every customer will be happy, because no one can please everyone, it is a good idea to check reviews. Don’t only check reviews, but how the company responds to those reviews. Brick Maverick being under new ownership has taken its initiative to contact every previous customer that may have not received perfect customer service and excellent workmanship to insure it is rectified. 

Gauge Your Interaction: The old saying “your gut doesn’t lie” has never failed us! When you receive your proposal from your estimator at Brick Maverick, or any other company, make sure you are informed of every step that will be taken to get the job complete. Anyone that knows how to do the job the right way, will never have a problem explaining that to you, and keeping you updated through the process. If you are not kept informed, and you feel they may not know what they are doing, ask more questions and listen to your gut!

State of the Art Equipment

Brick Maverick utilizes state of the art equipment throughout all brick repair jobs. Instead of using a hammer and chisel to remove broken brick, we use proprietary power tools that make removing broken brick a breeze while preserving the surrounding masonry. The hammer and chisel technique has worked for years, but it is almost a guarantee that surrounding masonry units will be damaged in the process. Our proprietary power tools cut through the mortar on the bed joints (horizontal joints) with one attachment, and then with the pop in head joint (vertical joints) attachment it removes the brick with no major vibrations to damage surround units. This is just one of the many tools we use that make brick repair projects flow smoothly, with no corners cut (pun intended)!  

Custom Blades

Brick Maverick manufactures and sells their own masonry diamond blades! Even when hiring another brick repair contractor, they are more than likely using Brick Maverick tuck-pointing, or masonry cutting, blades! We believe in using all of the correct equipment when working on a project, and making the tools do the work they are designed to do. After years of purchasing blades, and determining what works, and what doesn’t. Brick Maverick decides we would make the perfect blades for brick repair! The blades are the quickest at cutting, and allow the most ventilation for grinding dust for speed and contact with the mortar to be cooled and fast. Our custom blades don’t just work for us, ask our competition what blades they are using!

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